Interior Junction Inc.

Interior Junction Inc. is a reputed Canadian Interior Design firm that undertakes turnkey projects. We are the hub of all kinds of interior designing projects. We are known for our thoughtful approach towards design and our sharp attention to details, finishing, quality and functionality. In Dubai we have left footprints of many successful projects over the past 23 years. Our professional team is now prepared for new challenges of Toronto. With multiple dedicated contracting teams, Interior Junction is able to ensure precise craftsmanship, timely delivery, and thorough attention to every detail.



Interior Junction will help you with free consultation to begin with. We respect your views and ideas which you can discuss with our Interior Consultant or you might have a clean slate and looking for interior design tips. Whatever may be your need, get in touch with our interior design consultant for free and allow us to make your dream a reality.


Interior Junction is a one stop shop for every commercial and residential interior design requirement. From the moment you acquire your site until the day your vision becomes a reality, Interior Junction stands by your success, imagining, creating and designing every step of the way. We are turnkey. Meaning we are one interior design firm that manages all aspects of planning and designing that creates better results, more efficiently.


The interior design of your home or office is a reflection of your personality and those of your family members. To make your life easier, we suggest some types of interiors that you can choose from. Once you know which style is the right one for you, speak with our Interior Junction design consultant.
Modern: Want clean-cut lines, no clutter, sleek and sophisticated”? The modern interior design is the way to go.
Minimalist: A minimalistic look achieves elegance with the least clutter.
Traditional: Bring in a touch of traditional flavour.
Transitional: Striking a balance between modern and traditional is the transitional interior design style.


We design home and office spaces differently, keeping satisfactory level of the persons high. There are many elements of work space design and office culture which can contribute to improving health and well being. Our interior design improves air quality, cognitive function and immunity. Our space management demonstrates agile working to encourage physical movement of people throughout the day. Our diverse range of work settings reduces stress and frustration levels.